Skills share

Skills share, give something to get something?

Ever wanted to do something for your business but you don’t have the skills, time or funds to complete it? Well maybe here at Kinsale Business Hub, maybe you can share some of your skills to someone or a group that can share their time and skills back for your business ?

Like the old barter system that used to exist in Ireland, 1 hour of your time may equal 1 unit or more and you can share your skills to folks to gain units back from them using their skills. Perhaps, you can do the books and someone else can help with a website for example.

Not all time is equal so for now do check and agree with someone on what you can do for them, and what they can do for you in return! As we have mentioned, the Hub is intended as a place to meet new people, work on your business away from the hustle and bustle of everyday commitments and perhaps develop new ways of enhancing your business!

Perhaps you have Social Media skills, can teach a class and have the folks who attend give you back their time and skills in return ?

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For a while now, we’ve been fascinated with how people communicate on websites and how the experience could be improved.

Ever wondered why people are still using the same tools (email, contact forms) that they used 20 years ago? Or why existing tools (live chat, helpdesks) make it hard to bring the right people into the conversation at the right time?Or ever thought wouldn’t it be cool if messaging a business via their website was as easy as it is to send a WhatsApp or iMessage?

We did and the more we dug into the issue we realised that awesome customer support is not just about what happens on the site. Just as important is what happens in the background to deliver the perfect response to the customer. This is why we are working on Pubble.

Pubble is evolving the way that people communicate through websites. By seamlessly connecting visitors to experts through our apps, we make expertise more accessible, opening up more possibilities for businesses to delight their customers.