Hi, I’m Ken Forde and living near to Kinsale. I’ve worked at home on and off at various times, however when I have worked at home it’s been on my own and I’ve found it quite difficult at times to focus on tasks, a little solitary, and you may meet no other person during the working day. Not to mention it could be cold, dark and hey let’s say it.. even lonely at times!

In September 2016 I started my business and saw an immediate need to get out of the house more and meet more like minded people. But where to go locally ?

And so, instead of hanging out at local busy cafés, one day I thought wouldn’t it be great if there were a space in Kinsale for anyone in business to work from if needed and connect and maybe even innovate together, and so the concept of Kinsale Business Hub was formed. Ireland’s first hub in a pub!

Shortly afterwards we had an open meeting of like minded people. One February evening approximately 10 people met to discuss and Hamlets of Kinsale came forward with the location of The Keg Room as a suitable space.

Picture. John Allen

Moving into Autumn 2017, it was decided to use the better space in The Newport Lounge at The Blue Haven, which opens from 7.30am serving breakfast, providing better meeting space and comfort to Users.

Picture. John Allen

It’s warm, clean, lots of space, got good wi-fi and great coffee. So, why not come along and check it out and see if you could use the Kinsale Business Hub at The Newport Lounge!