Ireland’s first hub in a pub!

Working on your own from home ?
Visiting Kinsale and need to work ?
Need a free desk and wi-fi ?
Want to meet like minded people ?

Kinsale Business Hub provides an open working space with great wi-fi, for new and existing businesses and those who want a flexible work environment. You don’t need to be a start up or tech expert to use the Hub. This is open to all local, tourist, food and office type businesses and it’s FREE to use!

Come along and check out ‘The Keg Room’ at Hamlet’s of Kinsale. Bring your own device (BYOD). Open Monday – Friday from 12 noon. (excluding bookings and public holidays.)

Got some questions or suggestions for the Hub?

e-mail:  info@kinsalebusinesshub.com


Hi, I’m Ken Forde and living near to Kinsale. I’ve worked at home on and off at various times, however I’ve always worked at home and on my own and found it quite difficult at times to focus on tasks, a little solitary as I may meet no other person during my working day. Not to mention it could be cold, dark and even… lonely!

About 6 months ago I started my own full time business and saw an immediate need to get out of the house more and meet more like minded people. But where ?

And so,  instead of hanging out at local busy cafés, one day I thought wouldn’t it be great if there were a space in Kinsale for anyone in business to work, connect and innovate and so the concept of Kinsale Business Hub was formed. Ireland’s first hub in a pub!

Shortly afterwards we had an open meeting of like minded people. One February evening approximately 10 people met to discuss and Hamlets of Kinsale came forward with the localtion of The Keg Room as a suitable space.

And here we are, open from the start of March 2017, Monday to Friday from 12 noon onwards each week day. It’s warm, clean, lots of space, got good wi-fi and great coffee. So, why not come along and check it out and see if you could use the Kinsale Business Hub also!



Kinsale Business Hub

Kinsale Business Hub
c/o Hamlets, The Glen, Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland

Monday—Friday: 12:00pm onwards
Excluding private bookings, public and Bank Holidays


Kindly supported by Hamlets of Kinsale

Hamlets of Kinsale

Ideas ?

Skills share, give something to get something?

Ever wanted to do something for your business but you don’t have the skills, time or funds to complete it? Well maybe here at Kinsale Business Hub,  you can share some of your skills to someone or a group that can share their time and skills back in return for your business ?

Got any ideas then let us know!

E-mail: info@kinsalebusinesshub.com